Member variable TBColumn():width Foundation

Defines the width of a column.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numerical | NIL

A numeric value which defines the display width for a column can optionally be assigned to this instance variable. The default value is NIL. If :width is NIL, the column is displayed in a width equal to the greater of the following three values: number of characters in the header line, number of characters in the footer line, number of characters in the data retrieved for this column in the first row of the display area.

After a column object is added to a TBrowse object, the width of a table column can be queried by using the method oTBrowse:colWidth(). In case header, footer, or data lines contain more characters than are defined, they are cut off at the right side. When they have fewer than :width characters, they are padded right with spaces.


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