Class TBColumn() Foundation

Class function of the TBColumn class.


The class object generates TBColumn objects using its class method :new().

TBColumn objects are simple objects that contain instance variables and no methods. They are used exclusively by a TBrowse object. The instance variables in the TBColumn object are used by the TBrowse to display a single column of data in the browse window of the TBrowse object.

The most important instance variable (:block) contains a code block which retrieves data out of the appropriate column of the data source. For example, the column might retrieve the value of a particular field in a work area or a column of a two-dimensional array.

Besides retrieving column data, TBColumn objects can control the color used to display the data.

When new values are assigned to instance variables of a TBColumn object in use by a TBrowse object, the TBrowse method :configure() must be called so that the changes to the column object are recognized (see TBrowse class).

Class methods
Generates an instance of a TBColumn object.
Instance variables
Contains the data code block of a TBColumn object.
Instance variable for ad-hoc use
Changes the color of a column.
Seperator character which is displayed to the left of a column.
Determines the default color for the column.
Defines the footer lines of a table column.
Character that separates the footer line from the data rows.
Defines the header lines of a column.
Character that separates the header line from the data rows.
Defines the display format of the data in a column.
Defines the width of a column.
TBColumn usage
// See the examples in the TBrowse class 

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