Method TBColumn():new() Foundation

Generates an instance of a TBColumn object.

TBColumn():new( [<cHeading>] [, <bVarBlock>] ) --> oTBColumn
<cHeading> is a character expression which contains the column heading displayed by a TBColumn object. A column heading is displayed in multiple lines when a semicolon is contained in the character expression. The default value is NIL.
<bVarBlock> is a code block which retrieves the value which is displayed by the TBColumn object. Since a TBColumn object is used for the display of columns in a tabular format, (see the TBrowse class), <bVarBlock> is usually a code block that retrieves a field or a value from an array. The default value is to NIL.

The class method :new() returns a new TBColumn object, which with the help of the code block <bVarBlock> is able to retrieve the data of an individual column of data for a TBrowse object. If a a character string is contained in <cHeading>, this is displayed as the column heading. Other TBColumn instance variables can be assigned values which affect the various configuration options of a column object.


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