Member variable TBColumn():colorBlock Foundation

Changes the color of a column.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Code block | NIL

If this instance variable contains a code block, it is evaluated by the TBrowse object in order to determine the color for a each cell in a particular column in the browse window. TBrowse passes :colorBlockthe current value for each cell in the particular column, as returned by that column's :block instance variable. :colorBlock must return an array with two numeric values. These values are used as indexes into the :colorSpec color table of the TBrowse object. The first index returns the color to use for normal display. The second index returns the color to use for highlighted display.

Using :colorBlock, it is possible to alter the color of individual cells. For example, negative numbers can be displayed in a different color than positive numbers.

In order to display an entire column in a different color, do not use the code block technique described above. A faster method is to assign an array to the instance variable :defColor (see here). If a code block is contained in :colorBlock, :defColor is ignored.


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