Method ServiceController():logSuccess() Foundation

Handles a successful control command.

:logSuccess( <nSuccess> ) --> self
This is a #define constant from taht indicates which action is successfully completed.

This class method returns the class object.


Whenever one of the operations :install(), :uninstall(), :start(), :stop(), :pause() or :continue() is successfully executed, this class method is called with one of the constants shown in the next table. They are listed in the SERVICE.CH file.

'Constants passed to the method :logSuccess()'
Constant Description
SERVICE_MSG_CREATE_SUCCESS Service successfully installed
SERVICE_MSG_DELETE_SUCCESS Service successfully uninstalled
SERVICE_MSG_START_SUCCESS Service successfully started
SERVICE_MSG_PAUSE_SUCCESS Service successfully paused
SERVICE_MSG_STOP_SUCCESS Service successfully stopped
SERVICE_MSG_CONTINUE_SUCCESS Service successfully continued

By default, this method does not perform any action. However, it may be overloaded in a derived class to implement the desired behaviour for monitoring successful operations.


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