Method ServiceController():logError() Foundation

Handles error conditions.

:logError( <nError> ) --> self
This is a numeric value indicating an error condition. #define constants from the SERVICE.CH file are used to determine the failed operation.

The method returns the object executing the method.


Whenever one of the operations :install(), :uninstall(), :start(), :stop(), :pause() or :continue() fails, this method is called with one of the following values:

'Constants passed to the method :logError()'
Constant Description
SERVICE_MSG_CREATE_ERROR Service could not be created
SERVICE_MSG_DELETE_ERROR Service could not be uninstalled
SERVICE_MSG_START_ERROR Service could not be started
SERVICE_MSG_PAUSE_ERROR Service could not be paused
SERVICE_MSG_STOP_ERROR Service could not be stopped
SERVICE_MSG_CONTINUE_ERROR Service could not be continued
SERVICE_MSG_WIN9X Operating system is not capable of running services
SERVICE_MSG_ALLREADYINSTALLED_ERROR Controller for this service is already installed

If a service controller is registered with a <oLogger> object that logs Control requests, the :logError() method passes the return value of DosErrorMessage() to the log object's method :write(). Refer to the :addController() method for details.


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