Method Abstract():classDescribe() Foundation

Reflects the class definition

:classDescribe( [<nInfo>] ) --> aReturn
A #define constant from CLASS.CH must be used for this parameter. It defaults to CLASS_DESCR_ALL and defines the type of information included in the return value.
Constants for :classDescribe()
Constant Return value
CLASS_DESCR_ALL *) All available information in one array
CLASS_DESCR_CLASSNAME Class name as character string
CLASS_DESCR_SUPERCLASSES One-dimensional array holding the class objects of all superclasses
CLASS_DESCR_MEMBERS 3-column array holding information about member variables
CLASS_DESCR_METHODS 5-column array holding information about methods
CLASS_DESCR_SUPERDETAILS 3-column array holding details about superclasses
  1. default

If <nInfo> is omitted or set to CLASS_DESCR_ALL, an array with four elements is returned. They contain the information resulting from passing one of the following constants to this method:

obj:classDescribe()  -->   { CLASS_DESCR_CLASSNAME   , ; 
                             CLASS_DESCR_SUPERCLASSES, ; 
                             CLASS_DESCR_MEMBERS     , ; 
                             CLASS_DESCR_METHODS       } 

The elements of this array reflect the parameter profile of the function ClassCreate().


The class name as character string.


One-dimensional array containing the class objects of the superclasses.


Two-dimensional array with three columns. It holds information about member variables of the class. Each column can be accessed using the following #define constants:

Constants for the member-variable array
Constant Description
CLASS_MEMBER_NAME Character string representing the name of a single member variable
CLASS_MEMBER_ATTR Member variable attributes as numeric


Two-dimensional array with five columns. It holds information about methods of the class. Each column can be accessed using the following define constants:

Constants for the method array
Constant Description
CLASS_METHOD_NAME Character string with the name of the method
CLASS_METHOD_ATTR Method attributes as numeric
CLASS_METHOD_BLOCK Method code block, if the method was dynamically created with ClassCreate()
CLASS_METHOD_VARNAME The name of the redirected variable if it is an ACCESS|ASSIGN method


Two-dimensional array with three columns. It holds detailed information about the superclasses of the class. Note that this array is not included in the CLASS_DESCR_ALL array. It is only returned when CLASS_DESCR_SUPERDETAILS is passed to :classDescribe().

Constants for the superclass details array
Constant Description
CLASS_SUPERCLASS_NAME Character string representing the name of the superclass


The generic method :classDescribe() is used to inspect the structure of a class and its superclasses at runtime. Individual information about member variables, methods or superclasses can be obtained by passing the corresponding #define constants to this method. If :classDescribe()is called without a parameter, the returned array reflects the parameter profile of the ClassCreate() function. This allows for easy creation or modification of the structure of dynamic classes.


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