Class Abstract() Foundation

Abstract class providing a common interface for all other classes.


This class is "the mother of all classes" and provides a common interface for all Xbase++ classes. The class name Abstract reveals the class's nature: it is an abstract class that can neither be instantiated nor can it be inherited from on the PRG code level. All Xbase++ classes, however, can take advantage of methods and member variables available in the Abstract class.

Methods of this class can be used to obtain information about a class and its superclasses, or are available for special purposes, such as notifications, for example.

Class methods

Methods in this group are always executed by the class object. However, they may be invoked via an instance object which directs a class method call to the class object.

Reflects the class definition
Retrieves the name of the class an object belongs to.
Retrieves the class object of a class.
Method for class object initialization.
Checks if an object belongs to or is derived from a particular class.
Creates instances of a class.
Instance methods

Methods in this group cannot be executed by a class object but only by its instances.

Method for instance object initialization.
Evaluates a code block.
Handles access and assign operations to undefined instance variables.
Handles calls to undefined methods
Receives notifications from DatabaseEngines
Handles persistency issues.

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