Function TBColumnNew() Foundation

Generates an object of the TBColumn class (column object). This function is deprecated.

TBColumnNew( [<cHeading>] [,<bVarBlock>] ) --> oTBColumn
<cHeading> is a character expression which contains the column heading displayed for the TBColumn object. A column heading is displayed in more than one row if a semicolon is contained in the character expression. The default value is NIL.
<bVarBlock> is a code block which returns the value of the variable displayed by the TBColumn object. Since a TBColumn object is used for the display of columns in a table representation (see TBrowse class), it is generally a code block which accesses a field variable or an array. The default value is NIL.

The return value of TBColumnNew() is a new TBColumn object.


The function TBColumnNew() is a compatibility function which should no longer be used, since Xbase++ makes a complete object model available. Instead of the function call TBColumnNew(), the message :new() is sent to the class object of the TBColumn class. The same arguments are passed to the method :new() and the function TBColumnNew().

More information can be found with the class TBColumn.

// The example compares the function call with the send 
// of the message :new() to the class object. 

   LOCAL oTBColumn 

   USE Customer NEW 
                                    // function call 
   oTBColumn := TBColumnNew( "Last name", FieldBlock("NAME") ) 

                                    // message to class object 
   oTBColumn := TBColumn():new( "Last name", FieldBlock("NAME") ) 


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