Function Memory() Foundation

Retrieves statistics about available memory.

Memory( <nMemoryID> ) --> nAvailableMemory
<nMemoryID> is one of the following #define constants declared in
Values for Memory()
Constant Return value
MEM_VIRT_AVAIL Available virtual memory in kilobyte
MEM_VIRT_TOTAL Total size of virtual memory in kilobyte
MEM_RAM_AVAIL Available random access memory (RAM) in kilobyte
MEM_RAM_TOTAL Installed random access memory (RAM) in kilobyte
MEM_PROC_AVAIL Memory available for the process in kilobyte
MEM_PROC_TOTAL Total memory available for the process in kilobyte
MEM_HANDLES_AVAIL Available memory handles
MEM_HANDLES_TOTAL Total memory handles for the process
MEM_HANDLES_USED Memory handles used by the process

The return value of Memory() depends on the argument <nMemoryID>.


The environment function Memory() determines an approximation of available memory. The return value of Memory() serves only as an indication of the available memory and should not be thought of as an exact figure of the memory currently available. Due to multitasking and multithreading these values might become obsolete right after retrieval. Memory() considers the main memory (RAM) as well as available virtual memory provided by the operating system. Virtual memory is typically allocated within a page file located on the hard drive. Furthermore, the function Memory() can be used to determine the memory available and currently in use by the process.

Finally, using the function Memory() the amount of memory handles can be determined. This applies to the total amount of memory available to the process and the amount of memory currently used by the process.

// The example calls the function Memory() and shows 
// values that can be expected. 

#include "" 


   ? Memory(MEM_VIRT_AVAIL)    //  197504 - Over 100MB of the virtual memory is used. 
   ? Memory(MEM_VIRT_TOTAL)    //  301268 - The pagefile size was set to 300MB. 
   ? Memory(MEM_RAM_AVAIL)     //   63520 - Almost half of the RAM is unused at the moment. 
   ? Memory(MEM_RAM_TOTAL)     //  130484 - The workstation is equipped with 128MB of RAM. 
   ? Memory(MEM_PROC_TOTAL)    //   58228 - 58MB of memory are available to the process 
   ? Memory(MEM_PROC_TOTAL)-; 
     Memory(MEM_PROC_AVAIL)    //   24102 - 24MB of memory are currently used by the process 
   ? Memory(MEM_HANDLES_TOTAL) // 2000213 - Approx. 2 million memory handles are available 
   ? Memory(MEM_HANDLES_USED)  //     733 - 733 memory handles are currently in use 



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