Function IsTouchEnabled() Foundation

Determines whether a touch digitizer is installed in the system.

IsTouchEnabled( [<@nTouchPoints>] ) --> lEnabled
<nTouchPoints> is the number of touch points which are simultanously detected by the touch hardware. This value is determined by IsTouchEnabled() and is returned in the <nTouchPoints> parameter. The parameter must be passed by reference.

The function returns .T. (TRUE), if a touch-compatible digitizer is installed and if it is ready. Otherwise, return is .F. (FALSE).


The function IsTouchEnabled() can be used in Xbase++ applications to determine wether touch input is supported by the hardware. IsTouchEnabled() returns .T. (TRUE) if a touch digitizer is installed in the system, and if it is ready to accept input. In addition, the number of touch points recognized by the touch hardware can be determined using the <nTouchPoints> parameter.

IsTouchEnabled() is typically used in situations where the appplication needs to fine-tune the behaviour of user interface elements for touch input.

The components in the Xbase Part library support two simultanous touch points by default.


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