Function IsPenEnabled() Foundation

Determines whether pen input is supported by the system.

IsPenEnabled() --> lEnabled

The function returns .T. (TRUE), if a pen-compatible digitizer is installed and if it is ready. Otherwise, return is .F. (FALSE).


The function IsPenEnabled() can be used in Xbase++ applications to determine wether pen input is supported by the hardware. IsPenEnabled() returns .T. (TRUE) if a pen-compatible digitizer is installed in the system, and if it is ready to accept input.

On systems supporting input using a pen (or stylus), the pen is typically used as a mouse replacement, whereas the application's controls are operated using the pen instead of with the mouse. The system automatically generates mouse events such as xbeM_lbDown or xbeM_lbClick for the typical operations performed with a pen. This allows Xbase Parts to behave just as if the input was made with a mouse. In addition, ink input (i.e. handwriting) can be processed directly using optional system components.

IsPenEnabled() is typically used in situations where the appplication needs to fine-tune the default behaviour provided by the operating system. For example, the visual feedback given by the system following a click of the pen button may be annoying or misleading in user interface elements which cannot be operated with a pen. In such cases, the default behaviour can be disabled, see the :inputMode for further information.


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