Function DevOutPict() Foundation

Outputs a value with a picture format to the current output device.

DevOutPict(<Expression>, <cPicture>, [<cColor>]) --> NIL
<Expression> is the value to output.
<cPicture> defines the format for the output of <Expression>. Formatting rules are the same as for @...SAY or Transform().
The optional argument <cColor> can be used to specify the color used to display <Expression> on the screen. If <cColor> is not specified, the display is in the default color defined with SetColor(). When output is to a printer the color is ignored.

The return value of DevOutPict() is always NIL.


The output function DevOutPict() outputs the value of <Expression>to the current output device at the current cursor or print head position. The command @..SAY..PICTURE.. is implemented using the functions DevPos() and DevOutPict().

Comparison of DevOutPict() and @..SAY
// The example shows the output of a value with 
// DevOutPict() and with the command @...SAY: 


   DevPos( 5, 10 ) 
   DevOutPict( "James Bond's BMW", "@!", "W+/B" ) 

   @ 5, 10 SAY "James Bond's BMW" PICTURE "@!" COLOR "W+/B" 


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