Function DbSuspendNotifications() Foundation

Temporarily suspends notifications being sent from a work area to registered objects.

DbSuspendNotifications( [<lChildAreas>] ) --> NIL
<lChildAreas> is an optional logical value that determines whether notifications should be suspended for child work areas also. It defaults to .F. (false). By default a call to DbSuspendNotifications() is only executed in the current work area.

The return value is always NIL.


When an object is registered in a work area with the function DbRegisterClient(), it automatically receives notifications about changes in that work area. A call to DbSuspendNotifications() temporarily suspends notifications but leaves the objects registered in the work area. This is used, for example, when a database operation requires several SKIPs and the record pointer is moved back to the starting record when the operation is complete. In this case, the record pointer remains unchanged at the end of the operation and notifications can be suppressed during the operation.

The function DbResumeNotifications() reactivates notifications to registered objects. If DbSuspendNotifications() is called multiple times in the same work area, function DbResumeNotifications() must be called the same number of times in order to reactivate notifications.


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