Function DbSkipper() Foundation

Skipper function for a XbpBrowse or TBrowse object using database files as the data source.

oTBrowse:skipBlock := {|nSkip| DbSkipper(nSkip) }
oXbpBrowse:skipBlock := {|nSkip| DbSkipper(nSkip) }
A numeric value specifying the number and direction of the skip operation to be executed in the work area must be passed to the function. The argument is passed to the function from the TBrowse object while it executes its :stabilize() method. XbpBrowse objects evaluate the :skipBlock code block during execution of method :forceStable().

The return value of DbSkipper() is a numeric value indicating the number of skip operations actually completed.


The function DbSkipper() is a utility function for displaying data records from a work area in a TBrowse or XbpBrowse object. It must be set as the skip block of the browse object and makes provides default behavior for the movement of the record pointer. Unlike DbSkip or the command SKIP, the function DbSkipper() returns the number of records actually skipped in the data source. In addition, DbSkipper() contains logic to prevent the record pointer from being moved on the so-called "phantom" record.

Also see the function TBrowseDb() for more information.


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