Function DbDeregisterClient() Foundation

Removes an Xbase Part from a work area's list of registered Xbase Parts.

DbDeregisterClient( [<oXbp>] ) --> lSuccess
The parameter <oXbp> is the Xbase Part to be removed from the current work area's list of registered XBPs. If <oXbp> is not specified, all registered Xbase Parts are removed from the list.

The return value of DbDeregisterClient() is .T. (true) when the Xbase Part could be removed from the list, otherwise it is .F. (false).


The function DbDeregisterClient() removes an Xbase Part (XBP) from the list of XBPs registered in a work area. Using the functions DbRegisterClient() and DbDeregisterClient(), the number of XBPs receiving messages from a work area when database operations are performed can be dynamically changed. A work area is managed by a database object that sends messages to all registered XBPs.


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