Function OdbcDebug() Professional

Returns current state of ODBCDBE related settings

OdbcDebug([<aoSession>]) --> aOdbcInfo
If aoSession is an array, it is treated as a list of DacSession() objects, otherwise it is just one DacSession() object. If the parameter is not passed the current work area's session will be used. If the current workarea does not have a session, DacSession():getDefault() is used.

The function returns a 2-dimensional array filled with status information. Each information record consists of 3 array elements: a textual description, the respective numeric info slot identifier and the information itself, which can be of any type.


Troubleshooting an ODBC based application can be difficult since not only Xbase++ is involved. There is the ODBC driver manager, the ODBC driver, and a possible database server as well. OdbcDebug() will help to gather all important information to be able to find the origin of the problem, or to create additional informations for a problem report description (PDR).


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