Function DbAppend() Professional

Inserts a record into a table


DbAppend() will flag a forthcoming INSERT INTO but does not insert a record immediately. The record will be inserted with the next database operation, like a navigation, DbAppend() etc. If the inserted data violates server-side constraints, the error will be posted within the deferred operation. To correct the error, callDbRRollback() and retry the complete append sequence.

DbAppend() takes care of non-nullable and non-updatable columns automatically. However, using DbAppend() might require to assign a valid value to more than one field before executing the next operation.

// Don't use this pattern 
field->A := "value for field A" 
field->B := "value for field B" 

The pattern described above is a typical pattern used by TBrowse()-based browsers and will fail if there are columns with server-side constraints. Additionally, it cannot be assumed that a new record is placed at a specific position (record number).


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