Function SocketAccept() Professional

Waits until a connection is present.

SocketAccept( <nServerSocket>, ;
              [@<nError>]      ) --> nSocket
This is a numeric socket descriptor previously created with SocketNew() or SocketCreate().
If this parameter is passed by reference to the function, it gets assigned a numeric error code when the function fails. #define constants beginning with WSAE are available in the file SOCKET.CH to identify an error condition.

The function returns a socket descriptor for an incoming connection.


The function SocketAccept() is used by a server process for accepting client requests. Before connections can be accepted, a socket must listen to incoming requests which is achieved with the SocketListen() function. When a client connects to the server, SocketAccept() returns a new socket descriptor which can be used for data exchange with the client process. The original socket <nServerSocket> remains open and may accept new client connections. If there is no client request, the server process is blocked until a client connects to the server, unless the server socket is in nonblocking mode.


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