Functions and Directives

Function GetCgiString() Professional

Retrieve a cgi string from a HtmlFormElement object

GetCgiString( <oHtmlFormElement> ) --> cCgiString
This is the form element from which the cgi string is retrieved.

The extracted cgi string.


The method returns a Cgi encoded string containing a list of all valid name/value attributes of HTML elements that are embedded in the <form>..</form> tags. This string is needed when using the method "POST" with the function LoadFromUrl.

The validation rules for including the attribute contents of embedded controls in the result string are as follows:

The control must have a valid name.

The control must not be disabled.

The first submit button having the Value attribute set is recognized. If there are more submit buttons with a value, they are ignored.

A checkbox control must have the value "ON".

A radiobutton must have the value "ON".

A select control is included when it has a valid Name attribute set. The value of a select element is a comma separated list of all option elements within the select control which have the attribute "SELECTED" set.

File controls are not supported.

Object controls are not supported.

A reset button is never included in the result string.

All hidden input elements which have a valid Name and Value attribute are included in the result string.


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