Commands and Statements

Command SET TYPEAHEAD Foundation

Sets the size of the keyboard buffer (or more exactly: the event queue).

<nMaxEvents> is a positive integer in the range of 10 to 100. It corresponds to the maximum number of keystrokes which can be temporarily stored in the keyboard buffer. The default value is 10.

SET TYPEAHEAD determines the maximum number of keystrokes which are temporarily stored in the keyboard buffer. More precisely, the keyboard buffer in Xbase++ is an event queue into which all incoming events are buffered, regardless of whether they are caused by the mouse or by the keyboard. Since Xbase++ provides an event driven system, <nMaxEvent> is limited to the range between 10 and 100. Values outside this range can make an application uncontrollable.

If a value less than 10 is specified for <nMaxEvent>, the value is set to 10. The value is set to 100 if a value greater than 100 is specified for <nMaxEvent>. Specifying zero causes all events in the queue to be deleted and the size of the queue to be set to 10.

The command SET TYPEAHEAD limits the maximum number of characters which can be placed in the keyboard buffer using the command KEYBOARD.


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