Command FLUSH Foundation

Writes contents of all file buffers from a single current work area to disk.

FLUSH [[IN <nWorkArea> | <cAlias> ] | [ <cFileSpec> ]] [FORCE]
IN <nWorkArea>
<nWorkArea> is a positive integer specifying the ordinal number of the work area being selected.
IN <cAlias>
This argument is either a literal alias name or a character expression containing the alias name in parentheses. The alias name indicates the work area whose files are to be closed.
The <cFieldSpec> clause is ignored in Xbase++ 2.0
The FORCE option is ignored in Xbase++ 2.0

The command FLUSH causes the contents all open file buffers related to the current or given work area to be written back into the respective files. Data changed in memory are thus permanently saved on the hard disk.

The functional equivalent of the command FLUSH is the function DbCommit().


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