Class WMLCard() Professional

Class function of the WMLCard class.


Objects of The WMLCard class must be created by the :newCard() method of the WMLDeck class. They cannot exist on their own but require a WMLDeck object as their container. A WMLCard object manages a single card in the card-deck and creates WML code enclosed by the <card> and </card> tags.

The tags within the group "Methods for input" are only allowed with in a paragraph (<p>...</p>). Before calling a method of this group, call :put( '<p>' ) to begin a paragraph, and close the paragraph later with :put( '</p>' ).

Instance variables
Unique identifier.
The WMLCard's title
Methods for text
Add a paragraph.
Add a linebreak.
Methods for input
Mark the begin of a selection list.
Create a single item in a selection list.
Mark the end of a selection list.
Create an input element.
Create a link to a WBMP image file.
Methods for navigation
Create a WML hyperlink.
Set a timeout.
Add a link to a WAA package function.
Create a CGI variable.
Create a task.
Miscellaneous methods
Build a CGI connection string.
Add WML code.
Set or get the parent WMLDeck.
Get or set next WMLCard in the WMLDeck.
Get or set previous WMLCard in the WMLDeck.

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