Class WMLDeck() Professional

Class function of the WMLDeck class


The WMLDeck class is derived from the HTML3 class of the WAA package and uses the communication features of this class to exchange data with mobile devices. The :newCard() method of a WMLDeck object must be used to create WMLCard objects which, in turn, have methods that create WML code to be returned from a WAA-WAP application to a mobile device.

Create a WMLCard object.
Create a template for the task prev.
Displayed text for a link to the next card.
Displayed text for a link to the previous card.
Miscellaneous methods
Retrieve the child list of WMLCard objects.
Initialize the WMLDeck object.
Create a notification.
Add some WML formatted string to the code stack.
Create WML template code.
Create the WML code.

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