Method WMLDeck():newCard() Professional

Create a WMLCard object.

:newCard( [<cTitle>]     , ;
          [<cCardID>]    , ;
          [<lNewContext>], ;
          [<cOptions>] ) --> oWMLCard
The optional parameter <cTitle> becomes the value of the title attribute.
The optional parameter <cCardID> becomes the value of the id attribute.
If the optional parameter <lNewContext> is .T. (true) the character string "true" is assigned to the attribute newcontext.
The optional parameter <cOptions> is a character string that is inserted into the WML <card> tag.

The method returns a new instance of the class WMLCard


This method creates a new WMLCard object and inserts a <card> tag into the WML code. All parameters are optional. If the card ID is not specified, it is created from the ordinal position of the new card in the card-deck (e.g: id="card1", id="card2", id="card3", etc.)

WML output:

<card id="[cCardID]" [title="cTitle]"
     [newcontext="true"] [cOptions]> 
[... WML code created by WMLCard object ...] 

PRG example:

oWMLCard := oWMLDeck:newCard( "Login" ) 


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