Programming Guide:xppguide

Deployment of Xbase++ applications Foundation

Executable programs created with Xbase++ may be installed on other computer systems according to the license agreement you have with Alaska Software. Installation requires the EXE file plus Xbase++ runtime files to be deployed on the installation site.

The Xbase++ runtime libraries are contained in the folder xpp<xx>\runtime. <xx> is a placeholder for the major release number of the installed product.

Example: xpp20\runtime 

It is not an option to install the Xbase++ runtime files at a shared location such as system32 or something similar. Instead it is considered a good practice to have the runtime deployed in the same folder at which your applications binaries (exe or dll) reside.
For simplicity, an Xbase++ application should be deployed with all the runtime files contained in the xpp<xx>\runtime folder.

The operating system loader only loads modules which are actually being used by the Xbase++ process. In other words, deploying DLLs which are not required by a specific application does not increase the memory footprint of the application process! Instead, the respective DLLs only consume harddisk space on the client machine. For this reason, attempting to reduce the set of runtime DLLs which are shipped with the application is counterproductive.

The Xbase++ license agreement accompanying the product states which files of the Xbase++ development package are royalty free for redistribution. Please comply with the license agreement.


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