Statement DECLARE Foundation

Creates and initializes memory variables of the storage class PRIVATE.

DECLARE <VarName> [ := <Expression>, ... ]
<VarName> designates the name of a PRIVATE variable being initialized. If the array element operator [] occurs immediately after <VarName>, an array is assigned to the variable. The array can be dimensioned by specifying the number of array elements. For example:
DECLARE <aArray>[<nDimension1>, <nDimension2>,...] // or 
DECLARE <aArray>[<nDimension1>][<nDimension2>]... 
If an array is declared in this form, all array elements contain the value NIL.
<Expression> is any legal expression. It can be assigned to the variable using the inline assignment operator (:=). If no assignment follows the variable, it is initialized with the value NIL. If the variable was initialized as an array, assignment is not allowed.
Several variables can be declared as long as the variable names, including assignment, are separated by commas.

The DECLARE statement exists only for compatibility and should not be used. It is replaced by the PRIVATE statement. See PRIVATE.


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