Operator :: Foundation

Send operator (binary): sends a message to the object self.

::<Message>[( <Arguments,...> )]
The send operator :: is used to send messages to the object referenced by the variable named self within the source code that implements the methods of the class.
<Message> is the name of a member variable to be accessed or the name of a method to be executed.
<Arguments,...> is a comma separated list of optional expressions which must be enclosed in parentheses. The values of the expressions are passed to the method executed by the message <Message>. When parentheses are not used a member variable is always accessed.

The send operator :: is an abbreviated way of writing self:. It is used to send messages only to the object self. Otherwise it is identical to the normal send operator (:) (see the send operator, :).

The operator :: can only be used within the source code for methods and it is resolved by the Xbase++ compiler.

The variable self implicitly exists within the source code of all methods as a LOCAL variable. It always references the object which is currently executing the method.

The send operator (::)

// This example implements a simple class whose 
// functionality corresponds with the command @...SAY. Within the 
// source code for methods the send operator :: is used 
// instead of self: 

CLASS Label 
   EXPORTED:                        // globally visible 
     VAR   nRow, nCol, cLabel, cColor 
     METHOD init, Show 
// initialize object with default values when no 
// arguments are passed to Label():new() 
METHOD Label:init( nRow, nCol, cLabel, cColor ) 
   ::nRow   := IIf( nRow == NIL, Row(), nRow ) 
   ::nCol   := IIf( nCol == NIL, Col(), nCol ) 
   ::cLabel := IIf( cLabel==NIL, "" , cLabel ) 
   ::cColor := IIf( cColor==NIL, SetColor(), cColor ) 
RETURN self 
// show label 
METHOD Label:Show 
   @ ::nRow, ::nCol SAY ::cLabel COLOR ::cColor 
RETURN self 

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