Member variable XbpSLE():autoSize Foundation

Automatically fits the size of the entry field to the edit buffer.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.F.)

The default value of :autoSize is .F. (false). This means that a entry field is displayed in the size specified in the parameter <aSize> when the button is created. If :autoSize is set to .T. (true), the entry field is automatically resized to fit the size of the edit buffer. If this instance variable is set to .T., the <aSize>parameter of the :create() method cannot be specified, or must be specified as the array {0,0}.

There are two methods used to determine the size of the edit buffer. If the instance variable contains a code block, it is evaluated and the size of the character string returned is used to determine the display size of the XbpSLE object on the screen. If no data code block is contained in the :dataLink instance variable, the display size is determined by the size of a character string containing the number of blank spaces corresponding to :bufferLength. The actual size of the data entry field on the screen depends on the font defined and whether or not it is a proportional font.

If :autoSize is set .T. (true) and :dataLink contains a code block, the code block is evaluated in the :create() method. It must return a character string which in turn is used to calculate the size of the XbpSLE object.


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