Member variable XbpIWindow():options Foundation

Options for an XbpIWindow object.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (XBP_IMAGE_TILED)

The value in the :options instance variable specifies options for the display of an XbpIWindow object. The following options can be specified:

Options for displaying raster images, see :bitmap
Constant Description
XBP_IMAGE_NORMAL Image is displayed in its original size. Clipping may occur at the objects borders.
XBP_IMAGE_TILED *) Image is displayed tiled.
XBP_IMAGE_SCALED Image is scaled to the size of the XbpIWindow object
  1. Default value

If the constant XBP_IMAGE_SCALED is assigned to :options, the member variable XbpWindow:sizeRedraw should be set to the value .T. (true). Otherwise, the image may be displayed incorrectly whenever the IWindow object is resized.


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