Member variable XbpIWindow():scrollbars Foundation

Configures the scroll bars of the XbpIWindow object.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (XBP_SCROLLBAR_NONE)

The :scrollbars instance variable configures whether a horizontal and/or vertical scroll bar is displayed by the XbpIWindow object. Whenever a child object is placed outside of the IWindow's display area, the scroll bar(s) can be used to make the hidden areas visible. The following constants from the file XBP.CH are used to configure the scroll bars of an XbpIWindow object.

Constants for instance variable :scrollbars
Constant Description
XBP_SCROLLBAR_NONE No scroll bar is displayed
XBP_SCROLLBAR_HORIZ Horizontal scroll bar is displayed
XBP_SCROLLBAR_VERT Vertical scroll bar is displayed

The contants XBP_SCROLLBAR_HORIZ and XBP_SCROLLBAR_VERT can be combined to have the XbpIWindow object display both, a horizontal and a vertical scroll bar, if necessary. To do that, the contants must be added together.

Under Windows, an XbpIWindow object displays scroll bars only if needed. No scroll bars are displayed if all child objects are visible on the screen, regardless of the value assigned to :scrollbars.


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