Class XbpIWindow() Foundation

Class function of the XbpIWindow class.


The XbpIWindow class is an abstract class that provides mechanisms for managing rectangular screen areas. An XbpIWindow object manages what is called an "implicit window" that does not display either a border or a title. An implicit window consists only of a rectangular area on the screen where characters or graphics are displayed.

An XpbDialog object uses an implicit window for its display area (XbpDialog:drawingArea). It is used as parent for other Xbase Parts which are embedded in the dialog window. Colors and font defined for the :drawingArea are used as default colors and font for embedded controls.

Since the XbpIWindow class is an abstract class, no instances of it can be created. It exists only to provide services to dialog windows. A dialog window (XbpDialog) consists of a box and two implicit windows (the heading and drawing area).

Implicit windows also have an implicit life cycle so the methods :create(), :configure() and :destroy() do not exist in the class XbpIWindow. Calling any one of these methods for an XbpIWindow object causes a runtime error.


The instance variable in this group configures system resources. If a change is made to this values it must occur before the :create()or :configure() method of an XbpDialog object is executed (XbpIWindow objects are contained in an XbpDialog object).

Resource ID or XbpBitmap object for a background bitmap
The background color for an implicit window.
Name of the DLL file containing the background bitmap
Options for an XbpIWindow object.
Configures the scroll bars of the XbpIWindow object.

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