Member variable XbpDatePicker():format Foundation

Defines a predefined date format.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric

This member variable configures how a date is displayed by an XbpDatePicker object. Constants from the file XBP.CH are used to select a predefined date format.

Constants for :format
Constant Description
XBPDP_DATEFORMAT_LONG Long date, for example: "Thursday, Feb 28, 2002"
XBPDP_DATEFORMAT_SHORT Short date, for example: "02/28/02"
XBPDP_DATEFORMAT_TIME Time, for example: "1:57:34 pm"

When the object is configured to display the time instead of a date, the values for hour, minute and seconds are stored in the member variables :hour, :minute and :second.

If :format is set to FormatConstants_dtpCUSTOM, a character string defining formatting rules must be assigned to the :customFormat member variable.


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