Class XbpDatePicker() Foundation

Class function of the XbpDatePicker class


Objects of the XbpDatePicker class allow for a comfortable selection of a date. They appear on-screen like a combo box but do not have a drop-down list. Instead of the drop-down list, an XbpMonthView object is displayed. This object offers a user a way to select a date from an entire month.

To function properly, the XbpDatePicker class requires a certain system component, the Microsoft Common Controls 2 Version 6.0, to be installed on your computer. Normally, this component is not installed along with the operating system, so provisions must be taken to distribute the component with your Xbase++ application. For further information, please see the 'File Info' section on this page.

Life cycle
Initializes instance variables.
Requests system resources for the object.
Releases the system resources of the object.
Methods for editing
Returns the current value in the edit buffer.
Reads the current value of the edit buffer and passes it to :dataLink
Assigns a value to the edit buffer.
Defines formatting rules for a customized date format.
The current day.
Defines a predefined date format.
The current hour.
The upper limit of a date range.
The lower limit of a date range.
The current minute.
The current second.
A date is marked.
A date is selected.

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