Member variable XbpColumn():displayIndex Foundation

Contains the display position of the column.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (0)

After a column object is added to a browse using XbpBrowse:addColumn(), this instance variable specifies the position at which the column is displayed within the browse. The display position may be different from the position of the column within the browser's column array. This is because the display order of the columns is changed when using methods such as :setLeftFrozen().

In addition, a column's display position may be changed by assigning a new position to the column's :displayIndex instance variable. This reorders the columns defined in the browse, and causes the display index of subsequent columns to be adjusted accordingly.

Only scrollable columns can be reordered in this way. The display position of a column which is frozen using :setLeftFrozen() or :setRightFrozen()cannot be changed.


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