Member variable Get():exitState Foundation

Contains numeric value which indicates how a Get object was exited.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric

This instance variable contains a numeric value. This value indicates the condition under which the Get object was exited. In the header file GET.CH constants for common values of :exitState are defined:

Ending codes for oGet:exitState
Constants Meaning
GE_NOEXIT Get Object was not exited
GE_UP Set input focus to previous Get object
GE_DOWN Set input focus to next Get object
GE_TOP Set input focus to the first Get object
GE_BOTTOM Set input focus to the last Get object
GE_ENTER Get object was left in order and set input focus to the next Get object
GE_WRITE Terminate READ / ReadModal() and assign the value of the actual Get object to the variable
GE_ESCAPE Terminate READ / ReadModal() and do not assign the value of the actual Get object to the variable
GE_WHEN Prevalidation has failed (WHEN clause in the @...GET command)
GE_MOUSE Input focus has changed due to mouse click

:exitState is set to Null (GE_NOEXIT) by the method :setFocus(). Within the GETSYS.PRG module these symbolic constants are used to identify the condition which caused the edit to terminate.


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