Member variable CxpAbstractPage():Params Foundation

Contains a container object for the parameters passed to the page.

Data type: Object

If a <CXP/> page is executed without an application context, then the :Params object contains a reference to the container object for the form transferred with the page request, see ::HttpRequest:Form. However, if the <CXP/> page is executed as a view in the context of an MVC application, :Params references a container object for the name/value pairs from the RESTful path, or the URL used to call the view.

In both cases, the variable names and values of the parameters can be accessed through a corresponding member variable of the :Params object. In addition, PCount() always reflects the amount of parameters passed and PValue() provides access to the parameters by ordinal. Application code with a dedicated code-locality such as page-global or page-unload can not use PCount() or PValue() to access parameters passed to the page.


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