Member variable CxpAbstractPage():CachePolicy Foundation

Determines the cache policy of the page.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Object (NIL)

The cache policy determines the policy based on which the <CXP/> infrastructure caches page execution. Configuration is done by specifying the cache policy in the global.config or page-specific .config file. The <CXP/> infrastructures comes with a set of pre-defined page cache policies as shown below:

Available page caching policies
ClassName Description Parameter
CxpCachetimeoutByRequest Timeframe is determined by page request count Requests
CxpCacheTimeoutByInterval Timeframe is determined by seconds elapsed Interval
CxpCacheTimeoutByFileChanged Timeframe ends with next file change

If no cache policy is specified for the page, the :CachePolicy member variable contains the value NIL. Otherwise, :CachePolicy contains a reference to an instance of a class derived from ICxpPageCachePolicy.

The usage of different caching policies and the proper configuration is shown below:

<!-- Page gets re-rendered every 3 requests 
Requests ="3" 

<!-- Page gets re-rendered every 3 seconds --> 
Interval ="3" 

<!-- Page gets re-rendered only if one of the files listed is changed --> 
file ="c:\newsletter.txt" 
file ="c:\test.txt" 


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