Member variable CxpAbstractPage():Data Foundation

References a container object which handles the data associated with the page.

Data type: AppNodeContainer

The object in :Data is a container for state information. All information assigned to the member variables of the data object is automatically saved and restored as needed (automatic persistence). Assigning a value to a member variable not only stores the respective value, but also creates the member variable if it does not exist yet.

The data stored in the container is page-specific. This is in contrast to :Session, which has a user/session-specific scope, or :Application which maintains information with a context which is application-wide. The following code shows how the :Data container can be used from within your page/application.

/// Member access returns NIL, if the member doesn't exist 

/// Assign a value to a member. If the member doesn't exist, the 
/// container creates the member variable :LastName for this 
/// object dynamically. 
::Data:LastName := "Maki" 

/// Access the member value 
? ::Data:LastName 

/// Assigning NIL to a member removes it from the storage 
::Data:LastName := NIL 


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