Method XbpPartHandler():childList() Foundation

Returns the child list of the Xbase Part.

:childList() --> aChildList

This method returns a one dimensional array containing references to all of the Xbase Parts registered as children of self.


The method :childList() "finds" all the Xbase Parts that are registered as children of self. This method can be used to determine all of the dialog elements contained within a dialog. It can also be used to determine whether a dialog contains any dialog elements. Maintaining a memory variable referencing the dialog is sufficient when programming using XbpDialog objects. Memory variables referencing the individual dialog elements are not necessary since the child elements can be retrieved using this method.

The parent-child relationship (represented as self and :childList()) is the most important relationship used in programming GUI applications. The children should only be referenced in the child list of the parent or in temporary LOCAL variables. Xbase Parts that function as children should never be referenced in PUBLIC variables.


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