Method XbpPartHandler():childFromName() Foundation

Returns an Xbase Part from the child list based on a numeric ID.

:childFromName( <nNameID> ) --> oXbp | NIL
<nNameID> is a numeric value defined for an Xbase Part using the method :setName().

This method returns the Xbase Part in the child list of self(the Xbase Part executing the method) that has the numeric ID <nNamID>. If no matching XBP is found, the return value is NIL.


The method :childFromName() "finds" the Xbase Part that was associated with a unique, numeric value using the method :setName(). This method searches the child list of the parent (self) and continues the search in the child lists of the children if the matching XBP is not found in the child list of the parent.


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