Method XbpMenuBar():checkItem() Foundation

Determines whether the specified menu item is prefixed with a check mark .

:checkItem( <nItemIndex>, <lCheck> ) --> lSuccess
<nItemIndex> is a numeric value specifying the ordinal position of the menu item within the menu.
<lCheck> is a logical value specifying whether the menu item is displayed with a check mark. If this value is .T. (true), a check mark is displayed.

This method returns the value .T. (true) when a check mark could be displayed or removed, otherwise .F. (false) is returned.


In some cases, a menu item does not provide program control but sets a global toggle. One way to accomplish this it to have the menu item act in a manner similar to a check box. This means that switching between two states is identified by a logical value. The current condition is displayed to the user as the presence of absence of a check mark in front of the menu item. The :checkItem() method displays or hides this check mark. Whether or not a menu item has a check mark is determined using the method :isItemChecked().


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