Method XbpClipBoard():registerChangeHandler() Foundation

Registers an Xbase Part as recipient for "change" messages

:registerChangeHandler( [<oXbp>] ) --> oOldXbp|NIL
<oXbp> is an Xbase Part that must be derived from the XbpWindow or XbpCrt class. An XbpClipboard object posts the event xbeP_ClipboardChange to this Xbase Part when the contents of the clipboard changes.
Passing NIL for <oXbp> removes a registered Xbase Part from the XbpClipboard object.

The method returns the Xbase Part that is registered before the method is called. The return value is NIL when no Xbase Part is registered.


The method is used to register an Xbase Part as recipient for the xbeP_ClipboardChange event. If an Xbase Part is registered, an XbpClipboard object posts this event to the registered object each time the contents of the clipboard changes. As a result, the event is added along with the registered object to the event queue, where it is retrieved from lateron with the AppEvent() function. This way, the registered Xbase Part can react when data stored in the clipboard changes.

since the clipboard is a system wide resource that is shared between all applications, it is strongly recommended to reset the registered object to NIL, before the Xbase++ application is terminated.


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