Method XbpClipBoard():queryFormats() Foundation

Returns the data formats for which there is data currently available in the clipboard.

:queryFormats() --> aFormats

This method returns a one dimensional array whose elements are numeric values. These values identify the formats of the data currently stored in the clipboard. If no data is found in the clipboard, an empty array ({}) is returned.


The :queryFormats() method determines the formats for which data is found in the clipboard. Text and graphic data can be simultaneously stored in the clipboard. The numeric values in the array returned by :queryFormats() indicate which formats are currently stored in the clipboard. The possible values correspond to #define constants in the XBP.CH file and are listed in the following table:

Clipboard data formats
Constant Description
XBPCLPBRD_TEXT Data in ASCII text format
XBPCLPBRD_BITMAP Graphic data in a bitmap format
XBPCLPBRD_METAFILE Graphic data in a meta file format

In addition to the formats listed above, :queryFormats() also lists any data currently present in the clipboard that was stored using a user-defined format, including those formats registered by other (i.e. non-Xbase++) applications and the operating system. See method :registerFormat() on how to register a user-defined format.


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