Method XbpClipBoard():getBuffer() Foundation

Retrieves the data from the clipboard.

:getBuffer( <nFormat> ) --> xBuffer
<nFormat> is a numeric value specifying the data format of the data to retrieve from the clipboard. Either a value returned from :registerFormat() can be used or constants from the following table. These constants are defined in the XBP.CH file.
Clipboard data formats
Constant Description
XBPCLPBRD_TEXT Data in ASCII text format
XBPCLPBRD_BITMAP Graphic data in a bitmap format
XBPCLPBRD_METAFILE Graphic data in a meta file format
nFormat User-defined format, see :registerFormat()

The return value depends on the passed parameter:

Return values of :getBuffer()
Constant Description
XBPCLPBRD_TEXT Character string
nFormat User-defined data


The method :getBuffer() reads data from the clipboard. The desired data format can be specified. The data formats that are currently available in the clipboard are determined using the :queryFormats() method. The clipboard must have been previously opened using the method :open() before the :getBuffer() method is called.

If user-defined data is retrieved from the clipboard, it is automatically converted from its binary storage representation to its original Xbase++ data type using Bin2Var() . This must be taken ito consideration when user-defined data has a complex data type, such as Array or Object. Note that it is an error to attempt to retrieve custom data from the clipboard whose format is not known to the Xbase++ application. If you pass the format identifier of a clipboard format registered by another (ie. non-Xbase++) application, :getBuffer() fails.


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