Method XbpCellGroup():hiliteCell() Foundation

Displays a cell in normal or highlight color.

:hiliteCell( <nRowPos>, <lHilite>, ;
            [<lFrame>], [<lRepaint>] ) --> lSuccess
<nRowPos> is a numeric value indicating the ordinal row position of the cell whose color is changed.
A logical value must be passed for <lHilite>. When .T. (true) is specified, the cell is drawn in highlight color. The value .F. (false) selects the normal color.
The default value for <lFrame> is .T. (true) which causes a frame to be drawn around the cell, if one is specified upon object creation. Passing the value .F. (false) suppresses the display of the frame.
<lRepaint> specifies whether or not the cell is immediately re-displayed when the method returns. The default value is .T. (true) and the cell is automatically re-displayed.

The method returns .T. (true) when the cell is drawn in the selected color, or .F. (false) in case of a failure.


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