Method HttpRequestMessage() :setQueryString() Foundation

Sets the HTTP query string.

:setQueryString( <cQueryString> ) --> self
A character string containing name/value pairs representing the parameters in the query string. The string has the form name1=value1&name2=value2&....&nameN=valueN, where name1 is the name of the first HTTP parameter, and value1 is the first parameter's value. The individual parameters are separated with an Ampersand (&) character.

:setQueryString() returns the object executing the method.


The method :setQueryString() sets the HTTP query string associated with this message object.

The HTTP parameters which are encoded in the query string can also be defined using the method :setParameter().

The query string is automatically URL encoded when the message is sent. URL encoding is a mechanism for encoding reserved characters in a query string or URI. These characters must be represented using special character sequences preceded by the percent sign (%).


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