Method HttpRequestMessage() :setCookie() Foundation

Sets the value of a cookie.

:setCookie( <cName>, <cValue> ) --> self
:setCookie( <oCookie> ) --> self
A character string with the name of the cookie.
A character string with the value of the cookie.
Instead of specifying the name and the value of the cookie via <cName> and <cValue>, a DataObject may be passed in the <oCookie> parameter. This object must have the members outlined in the table below. The values in these members will be used by :setCookie() for determining the cookie's name and value.
Required members of the DataObject in <oCookie>
Name Data Type Description
name C Name of the cookie
value C Value of the cookie

:setCookie() returns the object executing the method.


The method :setCookie() sets the value of a cookie. If the specified cookie is not defined, it is added to the cookie list. If the cookies is defined more than once (multiple values), all occurances are removed except one which has its value changed to <cValue>.


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