Method HttpRequestMessage() :addFileParameter() Foundation

Adds a file parameter.

:addFileParameter( <cName>, <cSourceFile> [,<cTargetFile>] ) --> self
A character string with the logical name of the file. This name is used for accessing the file on the server.
A character string with the name and the path of the local file on disk.
A character string with the name of the target file on the server. This parameter is optional. It defaults to the filename part in the <cSourceFile> parameter.

<cTargetFile> is transmitted as-is. No transformation is applied to the string. If a special encoding is required, for example, a Base64 encoding for diacritical characters such as Umlauts, it must be applied manually before assigning the string to <cTargetFile>.


:addFileParameter() returns the object executing the method.


The method :addFileParameter() adds a file parameter to the parameter list. The file is uploaded to the server when the message is sent. Existing values are preserved, which means that if a parameter named <cName> already exists, the value specified in <cValue> is appended to this parameter's value list.


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