Method DataObject():setNoIVar() Foundation

Handles assignment to and adding of instance variables.

:setNoIVar( <cName>, <xValue> )
The name of the instance variable. <cName> can be any string and does not need to conform to symbol/identifier naming rules.
The value to be asssigned to the instance variable.

The method does not return a value.


The method :setNoIVar() assigns the value <xValue> to the instance variable named <cName>. If the instance variable does not yet exist, it is implicitly added to the DataObject prior to the assignment. The string in <cName> does not need to conform to the naming rules defined for symbols/identifiers. This allows using DataObjects as dictionary objects for arbitrary values.

The function IsMemberVar() can be used to test for the existence of an instance variable added via :setNoIVar(). In addition, the method :classDescribe()also reflects dynamic instance variables.


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